The Big Lebowski Might Be Getting a Jesus Quintana Spinoff

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This might be the weirdest movie news you hear all day.

According to Birth.Movies.Death and their anonymous sources, John Turturro’s forthcoming film Going Places, a remake of the French film Les Valseuses, is also a spinoff of The Big Lebowski featuring Turturro’s character, Jesus Quintana.

Yeah, let that sink in for a second.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, so grain of salt and all that. Reportedly, the Coen brothers aren’t involved in any way, but it’s not such a bizarre idea that the Coens would let Turturro use the character, considering their long-standing working relationship. But there is some fun, circumstantial evidence going around that also points in the direction of a Jesus movie.

Bobby Cannavale, Turturro’s costar, has been posting pictures to his Instagram of himself filming a scene for the movie at a bowling alley called Melody Lanes.

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And we all know Jesus can roll.

Also, Brooklyn-based freelance writer Kenneth Partridge tweeted about seeing Turturro outside a bowling alley costumed as The Jesus. One tweet isn't perfect evidence, sure, but the bowling alley from Cannavale's Instagram, Melody Lanes, is located in Brooklyn, so that lends the tweet some credence.

Birth.Movies.Death editor Devin Faraci even seems to back this up, claiming he's also seen Turturro in costume.

Is some of this just the wild speculation of a fan? Maybe. But, Birth.Movies.Death do have a good track record for this kind of stuff. Either way, any excuse is a good excuse to watch The Big Lebowski again.