In Honor of The Disaster Artist, Here’s Tommy Wiseau’s Insane DVD Exclusive The Room Interview

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In Honor of The Disaster Artist, Here’s Tommy Wiseau’s Insane DVD Exclusive The Room Interview

As James Franco’s The Disaster Artist approaches a hotly anticipated Dec. 8 release date, we have a special gift to bestow upon all The Room fans in the house: A DVD-exclusive interview with director Tommy Wiseau, which is even more absurd than you’re likely anticipating. You can watch said interview above.

Franco’s film is based on the book of the same name by actor Greg Sestero, who plays Wiseau’s best friend “Mark” in the 2003 cult melodrama. Sestero’s Disaster Artist (which we heavily recommend reading, because it’s batshit hilarious) functions as a behind-the-scenes account of how The Room happened in his recollection, revolving principally around his unorthodox friendship with iconoclast/space alien Tommy Wiseau. It details the meeting of the two in San Francisco actors workshops, and the unlikely friendship/fascination of Sestero that led to his co-starring role in The Room. The film version of The Disaster Artist has already done what Tommy’s original never quite managed—a wide release and critical acclaim.

But on to the interview above. It is, in a word, surreal. Wiseau blearily answers some of the same questions he’s always asked in any interview about The Room, giving replies that are often hilariously straightforward. For instance, when asked how he “got started” on The Room, his reply is that “First I have a story in my head; an idea, and I say you know what, I have to write a script about it.” Truly scintillating insight here, folks. Moreover, he can’t even correctly answer the lines with unlimited potential takes, so segments of the interview are dubbed over in post with Wiseau’s own voice. Finally, the fact that it’s clearly Greg Sestero asking the questions only makes it better.

Here are a few more questions and replies that stand as highlights:

Why was The Room shot on two cameras (film and video simultaneously)?

Tommy: “Because at the time, I did not have sufficient information, and I was confused about two formats.”

Why did you call it The Room?

Tommy: “The Room is a place where you can go and have a good time, you have a bad time, and is safe place.”

Why are the characters playing football in tuxedos, and why just three feet apart?

Tommy: I think people should realize that playing football without any gear and a special, big, huge field … it’s fun! You can play football in tuxedos, you can play football three feet apart, and the idea is to have fun. I would recommend to anyone to try it!”

Check out the latest trailer for The Disaster Artist below to see James Franco take on what is surely the toughest acting challenge of his career—somehow trying to embody the madness of Tommy Wiseau.

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