We Finally Have Our First Look at Old Wolverine in Logan

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Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve gotten a slow rollout of images from Logan, Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine. Director James Mangold has been tweeting out pictures of the screenplay, the poster, storyboards and pictures of Patrick Stewart and Stephen Merchant as Professor X and Caliban, respectively. But now we finally have our first official look at Jackman as an older, even more grizzled version of Wolverine.

He has a full beard instead of the iconic mutton chops, cropped hair instead of whatever it is Wolverine usually does with his hair, and certainly a lot more wrinkles and scars, not to mention that faraway look in his eye like Logan’s finally seen too much stabbing for one lifetime.

Loosely based on the comic Old Man Logan, Logan will be the final movie of Wolverine’s solo trilogy depicting a post-Days of Future Past Wolverine who’s given up being Wolverine after his healing ability has slowed down. It’s rumored that Logan’s clone Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23, will appear in the movie so it’s possible she could take up the mantle after him (she’s the current Wolverine in the comics), though she wouldn’t be able to interact with the other X-Men since their movies are currently stuck in the 1990s because the X-Men continuity is a mess.

By the time Logan comes out we’ll have had 17 years of the same X-Men universe, so it feels fitting that the hands-down best part of it, Jackman’s Wolverine, is going to get a proper send-off. Find full pictures of Caliban, Professor X and Logan, respectively, below.