5 Biggest Libertarian Musicians

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We believe in equal time here at Paste, so after naming the biggest Republican and Democratic musicians earlier this week, I thought I’d look into who’s supporting third-party candidates. The libertarians claim some fine musicians, including the first one I ever interviewed back in 1990—Mojo Nixon.

5 Biggest (or most committed) Libertarian Musicians

1. Krist Novoselic
The Nirvana bassist was elected to the state legislature as a Democrat, but also acknowledged his support of libertarian-leaning Republican candidate Ron Paul.

2. Billie Joe Armstrong
The Green Day frontman hasn’t been vocal in his support, but according to several sources on the Advocates for Self Governance, he’s registered as a Libertarian in the state of California.

3. Dwight Yoakam
The country star spoke to the New York Post in 1999 about “libertarianism, the pure Jeffersonian ideal.”

4. Robbie Fulks
Reason magazine spoke the Nashville songwriter in 2000 and said he referred to himself as a libertarian.

5. Neil Peart
Rush’s drummer was influenced early on by the objectivist writings of Ayn Rand, and described himself to JewsRock.org as a “left-learning libertarian.”

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