Aimee Mann - Live at St. Ann's Warehouse

DVD - Superego/United Musicians

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Aimee Mann - Live at St. Ann's Warehouse

In the interview portion of Live at St. Ann’s Warehouse, Aimee Mann sums up her primary songwriting inspiration: “I just think people’s problems are fascinating … there are just a million different ways people can go horribly wrong—the whole thing is just so terrific.” While the notion of delighting in charting others’ dysfunction suggests a sort of meta-dysfunction, it’s provided a stream of beautiful, incisive pop gems for Mann, including “Wise Up” and “Save Me” (the Magnolia soundtrack’s crown jewels). While hardly a revelation musically—each song is rendered in about the manner you’d hear it on record—this 2004 performance offers an enjoyable glimpse of the congenial woman behind some of your favorite wan, doomed-relationship ditties.

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