Alsarah & The Nubatones – Full Session

Paste Studio NYC (New York, NY), 02/03/2017 - Live

Music Video Alsarah & The Nubatones

Last week, Paste hosted a performance from Sudanese-born musician Alsarah & The Nubatones. Alsarah is an “East-African retro-pop” performer who moved to Yemen as a child and whose family later fled the Yemeni civil war in 1994, eventually landing in Brooklyn. Her 2016 album, Manara, “is the product of being an immigrant uprooting and attempting to re-root again. It’s the product of us all having to leave at one point or another from our home, willingly for some of us and unwillingly for others.” Her set list included tracks “Salaam Nubia,” “Ya Watan,” “Manara” and “Nar.” Watch in the player above.

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