Aphex Twin Launches Mysterious Countdown

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Aphex Twin Launches Mysterious Countdown

Aphex Twin has launched a mysterious countdown, which is set to end 31 days from now on July 6. It’s unclear what the countdown is for, though, per NME, some fans have speculated that it will end with an announcement of a collaboration between Aphex Twin and electronic artist Jlin.

Aphex Twin recently livestreamed his headlining set from Field Day in London. This was the first time Aphex Twin, aka Richard D. James, had ever livestreamed a performance.

The musician also sold an unlabeled 12” at Field Day, and it appears that someone is selling the record for a large amount of money. Take a look at the vinyl and watch the livestream of his performance at Field Day below. Read more about his livestream here and see the countdown for yourself.