Watch Arcade Fire’s Short Film Money + Love, Starring Toni Collette

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Watch Arcade Fire&#8217;s Short Film <i>Money + Love</i>, Starring Toni Collette

Arcade Fire shared on Thursday their 16-minute short film Money + Love. The film, previewed earlier this week, serves as a double music video for the band’s songs “Put Your Money on Me” and “We Don’t Deserve Love,” from their Grammy-nominated album Everything Now.

Directed by David Wilson, and co-written by Wilson and Arcade Fire, Money + Love follows the running plot line of the fictional corporation Everything Now. The band has now gone bankrupt, so they turn to an Everything Now representative, played by the illustrious Australian actress Toni Collette, in order to sign a soul-selling contract.

The band is forced to endorse an array of commodities, from sports cars to marshmallow cereal, through product placement in their videos. During a performance in front of deviant high-rollers in a swanky casino, the band finally loses it and proceeds to rob the Everything Now corporation. The heist, however, goes wrong and one by one, Arcade Fire members are picked off until each of them have been arrested by the cops. We leave our heroes worse than before, singing inside an Everything Now prison.

Arcade Fire premiered Money + Love on Wednesday night at New York’s Gramercy Theatre. The premiere was preceded by a conversation between the band and filmmaker Spike Jonze. Following the conversation, Arcade Fire held a surprise concert in that venue for an enthusiastic crowd of around 600 fans, in what a press statement called “the most intimate NYC Arcade Fire show in years.”

Currently, Arcade Fire are in the middle of their Everything Now Continued tour, to which they recently added six new headlining shows set for July. The band is now getting ready for their Saturday Night Live appearance on March 17 alongside host Bill Hader.

Watch Money + Love in its entirety below, then revisit Arcade Fire’s cover of John Lennon’s “Mind Games” right here.