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Atlas Sound: Logos

Deerhunter frontman releases finished version of leaked demos

Proving it’s dangerous to be a prolific artist in the MP3 era, Bradford Cox suffered some self-inflicted damage in August 2008 when he unintentionally made public an entire album’s worth of demos. Initially he was so dejected by this self-inflicted leak that he threatened to scrap everything, but he eventually released the songs—and they now comprise Logos.

Intending to move beyond the limitations of bedroom laptop pop, Cox recorded the bulk of this second Atlas Sound album while on tour, collaborating with Animal Collective’s Panda Bear on the joyously majestic ’60s-sunshine-pop tune “Walkabout” and Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier on the nine-minute “Quick Canal,” an exercise in swirling shoegazer guitars and krautrock rhythms. Despite Cox’s attempt at drawing more people into Atlas Sound’s inner circle, Logos is still a predominantly insular affair and all the better for it, with his aching melodies and ethereal arrangements pushing open the doors to a remarkably vivid inner world.

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