Watch: New Music Video for Beirut's "Gilbraltar"

Music Video Beirut
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Unconventional, orchestral indie band Beirut takes the road less traveled in both a musical and physical sense in the new music video for their song “Gilbraltar.” Accompanied by a strong, steady hand drum and a pop-esque piano line, the Santa Fe-based band treks across desolate and littered landscapes as a trio that is vaguely reminiscent of the crew in O Brother Where Art Thou, minus the on-the-lam component. The journey through trashed beaches and industrial desert is directed by Brother Willis, who also recently served as director for Beirut’s playfully erratic music video for “No No No.”

“Gilbraltar” is the first track of Beirut’s 4th studio album No No No, which will be released Sept. 11.