Brooke Waggoner: Go Easy Little Doves

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Brooke Waggoner: <em>Go Easy Little Doves</em>

Delightful piano pop

On Go Easy Little Doves, poignant orchestrations reflect Brooke Waggoner’s classical training, and her affinity for motion-picture scores is evident in her writing.

While it assumes a slower pace than her previous work, the album still centers on bright piano progressions and whimsical, heartfelt lyrics. Vibrant string arrangements and choice woodwinds swell and fall; vocally, Waggoner performs in earnest—her voice floating over quivering violins and soaring into the ether. A blissful 35 minutes and change, the self-produced effort chronicles love in its many forms: She sings of young love on the title track, love abandoned on “Find Her Floods” and redemptive love on “Body.” Instrumental tracks begin and end the album, gracefully setting the scene for the vignettes between them.