Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Show After State Passes Anti-LGBTQ Law

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Following North Carolina’s passing of the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, aka HB2, a bill that dictates which bathrooms trans people are permitted to use, Bruce Springsteen has canceled an upcoming show in the state.

In a statement issued on his website, Springsteen said he will be canceling Sunday’s concert in Greensboro in order to stand in solidarity with the groups, businesses and individuals working to oppose the bill, which also threatens LGBTQ citizens’ right to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace.

“No other group of North Carolinians faces such a burden,” Springsteen writes. “To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress.”

Fans set to attend the April 10 show will have their ticket purchases refunded. As Springsteen sagely points out, “Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry—which is happening as I write—is one of them.”

Read Springsteen’s full statement here.