Watch Kiefer Sutherland Attempt To Be Chris Stapleton In His Debut Music Video, "Not Enough Whiskey"

Music Video Chris Stapleton
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When news broke that former 24 star Kiefer Sutherland would be releasing a folk album this summer, we weren’t quite sure what to think. Sure, Jack Bauer’s been through a lot of shit, but he doesn’t exactly sound the type to sing his feelings, right? And with Sutherland so inexorably tied to his role as the CTU agent, it would probably just be flat-out weird to see and hear him singing.

Now we know what that looks like, thanks to the music video for Sutherland’s lead single, “No More Whiskey.” Turns out he’s shooting pretty hard for that earnest Chris Stapleton vibe, only with a deeper, raspier voice and not quite as much songwriting talent. Still, though, we have to give him some credit for not being truly awful. Take a peek at the video above, which features a lot of Kiefer Sutherland—at least the man knows that he, and not his music, is the main attraction here.

Sutherland’s debut album, Down in a Hole, is due out later this year.