Chromeo: Business Casual

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Chromeo: <em>Business Casual</em>

Doing it up old-school, again

Chromeo’s third studio album plays by the numbers: three-minute groove-outs with the usual mix of keys, electric guitar, synths and that ubiquitous talk box.

But even within this formula, the Montreal duo of P-Thugg and Dave 1 write hypnotic, theatrical disco beats reminiscent of Miami’s late-’70s/early-’80s blow scene. It’s enough to drag even the biggest stick-in-the-mud out to the dance floor: Opener “Hot Mess” starts off in the familiar territory of Chromeo’s 2004 semi-hit “Needy Girl,” followed by “I’m Not Contagious” with its “Thriller”-esque bassline. Francophone tune “J’ai claque la porte” provides an intermission, with digital blips thrown in among slow, soft strings. Old habits die hard, though: Closing track “Grow Up” is all keys and finger-snaps, which is nothing new—but it’ll get your body moving, which may be all that matters.