Watch the Dan Tyminski Band’s Paste Session From MerleFest

Music Features Dan Tyminski
Watch the Dan Tyminski Band’s Paste Session From MerleFest

Paste Studio “On The Road” rambles on, this time to Wilkesboro, N.C., for the 36th annual MerleFest! The festival was founded in 1988 in memory of Doc Watson’s son Merle, and features “traditional plus” music, described by Doc Watson himself as, “the traditional music of the Appalachian region plus whatever other styles we were in the mood to play.” Dan Tyminski Band met us bright and early in our temporary studio to deliver an absolute gem of a three-song session, including two songs from his 2023 album God Fearing Heathen.

Full Session

Tyminski’s smokin’ hot band each take their turn for a moment in the sun, doing the classic bluegrass dance around the mic throughout this session as well as any band ever has. The first song in this session, “GOAT,” started to take shape after Tyminski heard a player referred to by the acronym G.O.A.T., while he was watching a disc golf tournament online. Although the song has nothing to do with disc golf, the term G.O.A.T. led Tyminski to this song title, which led to the song. It is about a blind guitarist who ends up being the Greatest Of All Time, a fitting tip of the cap to blind guitar legend and MerleFest founder Doc Watson.


After bluegrass legend Tony Rice passed away on Christmas Day in 2020, Tyminski decided to record a tribute to his hero, the 2022 EP One More Time Before You Go. The title track is a co-write between Tyminski and Josh Williams, while the rest of the songs on the EP are Tony Rice songs, or songs that Rice helped to popularize. The second song in this Paste session, “Why You Been Gone So Long,” was penned by Mickey Newbury and featured on Rice’s 1988 album Native American. This session performance features vocal duties split between Tyminski and dobro player Gaven Largent, similar to the way they recorded it on the EP.

“Why You Been Gone So Long”

Last up, Tyminski nods to another late hero, this time in tribute to the great Jimmy Martin.

“Ode to Jimmy”

Dan Tyminski – Guitar and Lead Vocal
Gaven Largent – Dobro and Vocal
Jason Davis – Banjo
Grace Davis – Upright Bass
Harry Clark – Mandolin
Maddie Denton – Fiddle and Vocal

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