David Dondero: # Zero With a Bullet

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David Dondero: <em># Zero With a Bullet</em>

What the world needs now

Cracker’s David Lowery once sang, “What the world needs now is another folk singer / Like I need a hole in my head.

” David Dondero’s seventh album acknowledges the waning singer/songwriter demand with its defeatist title, but like his record-label head Conor Oberst, what distinguishes Dondero from other dudes-with-guitars is his gift as a colorful and incisive lyricist.“Can’t afford a therapist / every time I have to get depressed,” he sings on “Caught the Song,” and indeed, there are few silver linings in this collection of gathering storm clouds. But if the world doesn’t need another folk singer, it could do with a prophet or two, and Dondero is the semi-crazed advocate for the bored stripper, the downtrodden employee and every other out-of-vogue, road-weary musician a million miles from the Billboard charts.