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Daily Dose: Eerie Wanda, "Pet Town"

Music Features Eerie Wanda

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Eerie Wanda, fronted by Dutch singer-songwriter Marina Tadic, have released the titular single for their forthcoming album Pet Town. The follow-up to their charming debut album Hum is due out Jan. 25 via Joyful Noise.

Tadic and her bandmates, Jasper Verhulst and Jeroen de Heuvel, each recorded their respective parts for the album in their own homes, and remotely pieced them together to create a cohesive result with Pet Town. “I’ve written the songs in a period of my life in which I was feeling quite alone. I wanted the recording process to feel like that too,” Tadic said in a statement.

The serene video for “Pet Town” features a strumming Tadic settled among the feline residents of Nine Lives Cat Cafe in Indiana, providing a perfectly cozy accompaniment for the endearing new track. The contagious finger-snapping in lieu of a drum track, in conjunction with Tadic’s bright vocals, provides an outer layer of warmth for the winter weekends ahead.

“I walk alone again / The streets they have a friend,” a wistful Tadic sings in the song’s opening lines. Indeed, the optimistic “Pet Town” leaves the listener at peace with the symbiosis of solidarity—and, perhaps more importantly, the reminder that there will always be cats.

Watch the video for “Pet Town” (dir. Adam Harding) below, and see the album art and complete tracklist for Eerie Wanda’s forthcoming LP further down.

Pet Town Track List:
01. Pet Town
02. Big Blue Bird
03. Rockabiller
04. Magnetic Woman
05. Moon
06. Sleepy Eyes
07. The Intruder
08. Couldn’t Tell
09. Hands of the Devil
10. Truly

Pet Town Album Art:

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