Father John Misty's New Merch Looks Suspiciously Like Kanye's Life of Pablo Line

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Father John Misty, the lauded, outspoken, meta satirist/artist and music’s Asshole Laureate, is at it again.

A number of new items were added to his official website’s shop including a hoodie, long-sleeve shirt, and T-shirt all sporting the words “Life of Padre.” The hoodie and long-sleeve shirt also say “Juan” and “Misty” along the sleeves. A hat is also available that simply says “Padre.”

Although Misty hasn’t commented on the items besides sharing them on his Twitter, it’s hard not to draw the comparison to Kanye West’s own merchandise line for The Life of Pablo.

Father John Misty Padre Hoodie Full.jpg

Yeah, pretty blatant stuff.

Right now, the items are only available for pre-order, but are being shipped on Sept. 19. The images for the items look like crude photoshops but you can see them in full below.

Whatever point Misty is trying to make with the new merchandise could have something to do with his recent rant about entertainment being a “stupid” distraction from real-world issues. Kanye’s visibility and notoriety do make him an easy target to spoof (though his work merits more discussion than his pop-culture persona gets, but that’s an argument for another time).

Wherever this latest meta-joke ends up going, it’ll almost certainly become something interesting to talk about. At Paste, we’ve been trying to decipher what Father John Misty’s been up to for literally years now.

Father John Misty Padre Long Sleeve Full.jpg

Father John Misty Padre T-Shirt Full.jpg

Father John Misty Padre Hat Full.jpg