Florence + the Machine Share New Song and Video "St. Jude"

Music Video
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Florence + the Machine will be releasing their new album How Big How Blue How Beautiful on June 2 via Republic Records, and they shared a new song today titled “St. Jude” along with the music video.

The song showcases a softer, more subdued Florence compared to her usual, more operatic and grander sound. The video, shot in one long take and directed by Vincent Haycock, follows Welch as she traverses dark, rainy streets at sunset while being carried tenderly by a man, ending with her falling to her knees, arms raised, to a flock of starlings as they rise in the air and form a darkcircle.

Haycock comments in a press release, “It’s obviously about relationships, but it’s also about Florence traveling through our version of the Divine Comedy,” adding that the setting depicted is also “the first layer of Hell.”

This is sounding all very True Detective. Maybe if we analyze the video frame by frame, we can learn who the killer is for next season?