Frances Bean Cobain Inherited $450 Million From Her Dad, Seeks To Protect It In Divorce Filing

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Frances Bean Cobain, the 23-year-old daughter of legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, is filing for divorce from Isaiah Silva, her husband of less than two years, according to The Wrap. As part of the proceedings, and because she did not sign a prenuptial agreement, she has made a request to keep all of her father’s $450 million inheritance.

Fortunately for Cobain, California law appears to be on her side, as it treats inheritance as the sole property of an individual. That said, Silva could be awarded any of the assets the couple bought whilst married, and Cobain has indicated that she’s willing to pay spousal support.

The most astounding news to come out this, however, is the sheer amount of wealth accumulated by the Cobain estate since the Nirvana singer’s 1994 suicide. Given the modern methods of music consumption and the vast gulf between online music streams and streaming revenue, we’re not sure if a musician could construct such a fortune today, at least not based solely upon their music.