Daily Dose: Future Teens, "Emotional Bachelor"

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Daily Dose: Future Teens, "Emotional Bachelor"

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There’s a thin line between crafting a pop-punk song that’ll sagely mature through the years and one that’ll get left behind in a wake of charmingly cringe-y nostalgia. Future Teens find that narrow in-between with their latest release, “Emotional Bachelor.”

Equipped with an anthemic chorus reminiscent of a mid-2000s Warped Tour stop, reeled in by the jangly underpinning of ambient guitar, “Emotional Bachelor” wears the band’s preferred genre moniker—”bummer pop”—well. Vocalists Amy Hoffman and Daniel Radin narrate the crashing reconciliation of realizing someone you were once involved with is now involved with someone else, name-dropping specific locations of love lost and harmonizing on that distinct lonesomeness of 3 a.m. Consider it a confessional on the awkwardness of shame.

The song’s lyric video, meanwhile, sardonically captures that emotionally ricocheting space of not wanting to give in and text that one person, while reaaally wanting to text that one person, but knowing you shouldn’t … and ultimately giving in and texting that one person anyway. Ugh.

“Emotional Bachelor” is the first single from the Boston-based band’s forthcoming album due later this year, with which they’re making their Triple Crown Records/Take This To Heart Records debut.

Check out the video for “Emotional Bachelor” (dir. Mike Suchmann) below, and see Future Teens’ tour dates alongside Hot Mulligan below.