Geese Announce Debut Album Projector, Share “Low Era” Video

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Geese Announce Debut Album Projector, Share “Low Era” Video

After releasing one of our favorite songs of the summer, buzzy Brooklyn rock outfit Geese have detailed their debut album, Projector, set for an Oct. 29 digital release on Partisan/Play It Again Sam, with physical copies to follow on Dec. 3. Their second single—both from the record and in general—is titled “Low Era,” and is out now alongside a music video (dir. Fons Schiedon).

“Low Era” is a hypnotic combination of post-punk and dance rock, part Wire and part A Certain Ratio, radiating a subtle, but sure psychedelia with its insistent groove and spider-web guitar riffs. Meanwhile, Cameron Winter’s lyrics range from sardonic (“Modern magazines and holy scriptures / My play rehearsals all go unheard”) to downright apocalyptic (“The beginning of the end approaches / You and I, we float up to the top”). Like Geese’s debut single “Disco,” the track’s unpredictable nuances ensure it never stagnates, and an extensive psych-rock outro concludes “Low Era” in particularly mesmerizing fashion, smash-cutting to black just as you feel yourself beginning to ascend.

Geese—singer and songwriter Cameron Winter, guitarist Gus Green, guitarist Foster Hudson, bassist Dom DiGesu and drummer Max Bassin—say of “Low Era” in a statement:

We had been trying to get everything to sound super heavy, creepy crawly, and complicated, really because that’s all we knew how to do. Four-on-the-floor songs like “Low Era” had felt a little like poison to us for a while, until we consciously tried to challenge ourselves to write something more danceable. Once we stopped enforcing certain boundaries, it ended up working out without us expecting it to, and even ushered in this psychedelic 3-D element that ends up appearing throughout the album.

We like the idea of confusing the listener a little, and trying to make every song a counteraction to the last, pinballing between catchy and complicated, fast and slow. “Low Era” is one end of that spectrum, and ultimately broadened the scope of songs we thought we could make.

“Low Era” is the second single from Projector after the aforementioned “Disco,” which Paste hailed as one of June’s best tracks. Geese wrote, produced and recorded their debut album at their Brooklyn basement home studio, The Nest, during their junior and senior years of high school (*turns to dust*). Winter would write each song, and the band would learn, practice and record it between the end of the school day and a hard 10 p.m. cutoff, after which their NYC neighbors would complain about any noise. Dan Carey (Squid, black midi, Fontaines D.C.) of Speedy Wunderground mixed the record, only further bolstering Geese’s buzz-band pedigree.

Geese will headline Brooklyn’s Elsewhere (Zone 1) on Aug. 27 ahead of sets at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Festival (where Paste will more than likely be in attendance) in October and Perris, California’s Desert Daze in November.

Watch the “Low Era” video below and find the details of Projector further down. You can grab tickets to see them live right here

Projector Album Art:


Projector Tracklist:
1. Rain Dance
2. Low Era
3. Fantasies / Survival
4. First World Warrior
5. Disco
6. Projector
7. Exploding House
8. Bottle
9. Opportunity is Knocking

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