Ghosts & Vodka - Addicts and Drunks

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Ghosts & Vodka - Addicts and Drunks

Ghosts & Vodka seems to pride itself on the Mogwai-esque inscrutability of song titles on its posthumous instrumental album. “Andrea Loves Horses”? “Futuristic Genitalia”? “Sex is Popular”? “Nicholas Prefers Dinosaurs”? It’s amazing how much irony you can put up with, though, when a record causes your body to move involuntarily. The flawless guitar grooves lose no flavor amidst the mathematical precision of their arrangements. This disc is composed of the band’s full-length Precious Blood (named one of Billboard’s Top-10 records of 2001), their debut 7-inch Memento Mori, as well as a bonus track called “Bizarre Funeral.” With Ghosts & Vodka having been broken up for several years, this record serves as a bizarre, yet poignant, eulogy for a group that deserves remembering.

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