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Major Lodge Victory [hybrid]

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Gin Blossoms

I’m not afraid to admit that I love “Allison Road.” And the Gin Blossoms’ ?rst new album in 10 years, Major Lodge Victory, picks up exactly where the band left off with Congratulations... I’m Sorry. The problem of picking up where you left off, of course, is that each song will inevitably be compared to hits of the past. For instance, “Learning the Hard Way” doesn’t pack the same Top 40 punch as “Hey Jealousy,” nor does “Super Girl” capture the heartbreak of “Found Out About You.”But new songs “Someday Soon” and “The End of the World” are classic Gin Blossoms: pretty melodies underneath lyrics that yearn for love lost and simpler times. And, for us now-outed lovers of “Allison Road,” we welcome those times back.

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