Redditor Says New Gorillaz Album Will Be Done in Two Weeks

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With a flurry of recent social media posts, it’s clear something big is on the horizon for the virtual rock band Gorillaz, though according to one Redditor, whatever it is, isn’t complete just yet.

User PlacidBurrito posted a picture to the Gorillaz subreddit of himself with Damon Albarn, the actual musician behind the band, claiming that he asked Albarn when the album would be finished. According to PlacidBurrito, Albarn said there were two more weeks of recording left before it was done.

Gorillaz haven’t seen a release in more than five years, but recently they’ve been prepping their fans for something. Earlier this week, the group started posting clips to their social media of something called The Book of Noodle, named for one of the fictional members of the band, and just today, the group has been adding to that story with another set of clips that follow another band member, dubbed The Book of Russel. Both books tell of how the band members are separated and end up reuniting in London, which definitely sounds like a set-up for making new music.

This summer, Albarn teased that the album would be coming fairly soon, and Jamie Hewlett, the designer of Gorillaz’s visual elements, said the album would be released in 2017. It seems the Redditor’s claim that recording isn’t quite finished yet may not be too far off.