Green Day - Suburbia Bomb


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Green Day - Suburbia Bomb

Pile of cut-rate dookie

Suburbia Bomb is a repackaged version of an earlier documentary called Pogo Paradise.

Quoting its introductory disclaimer will ensure this film reaches its target audience: “This DVD contains no original music by Green Day. It is not authorized by Green Day, their record company or their management.” Package copy promises over 40 minutes of interviews with the band... and those close to them. Following less than 30 seconds of comic banter between bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool, the history of the band is pieced together through a snoozefest of interviews with former Berkeley DJs, music journalists, record-store managers, etc. Singer Jesse Michaels of early Green Day influence Operation Ivy is marginally more entertaining. Scenester Joe Selby likens seeing the young band at 924 Gilman Street to seeing the 1962 Beatles at the Cavern Club. For the most diehard of the diehards only.