Hinds Release Animated "Bamboo" Video, Announce Vinyl-Only Deluxe Album Release

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Spanish indie-rock band and 2014 Best of What’s Next pick Hinds just released a grisly, exuberant video for their song “Bamboo.”

In the video, animated and directed by Laurina Paperina, and embedded below, cartoon versions of the four band members destroy a monster with “girl power,” walk over rainbows and mutilate animals, dehorning a unicorn and cutting the tail off a rat. It’s a perfect visual representation of their sound, which has always been jubilant and slightly unsettling, in an unruliness-never-felt-so-smooth sort of way.

Hinds also announced that they’ll be releasing a deluxe version of their debut album Leave Me Alone on Oct. 28. This edition will only be available on vinyl, and will feature cell phone demos that reveal the band’s songwriting process. Well, not “demos,” exactly. In the words of the band members in their press release:

they are not demos. but we couldn’t find the correct way to call them. they NEVER were thought to be shown to the world.

ALL OF THE DEMOS we’ve chose happened when the song was just born, so we are making up English (?) words, or hardly reading the notebook while trying to remember the chords and the structure.

but mysteriously, even thou all this shit, we love them. ‘cause they take us exactly to the moment we wrote them. like a time machine. and we seriously hope this magic happens to you too and brings you to drink sangria at 1am sitting on a carpet with us.

Look out for Hinds on the road this fall—they’ll be touring the U.S. and Europe. Get tickets and information here, pre-order the deluxe album here, and check out the “Bamboo” video and the Leave Me Alone deluxe edition’s tracklist below.

Leave Me Alone Tracklist:
1. Garden
2. Fat Calmed Kiddos
3. Warts
4. Easy
5. Castigadas En El Granero
6. Solar Gap
7. Chili Town
8. Bamboo
9. San Diego
10. And I Will Send Your Flowers Back
11. I’ll Be Your Man
12. Walking Home

+ Deluxe Edition:
1. Holograma (Los Nasty’s cover)
2. When It Comes To You (Dead Ghosts cover)
3. Castigadas en el Granero (BARN)
4. Between Cans (BARN)
5. Trippy Gum
6. Davey Crockett (The Headcoats cover)
7. Whiskey (Demo) (unreleased song 11-Jan-2014)
8. Walking Home (Demo) (16-April-2015)
9. San Diego (Demo) (6-August-2014)
10. Fat Calmed Kiddos (Demo) (24-May-2014)
11. Chili Town (Demo) (28-Feb-2015 )
12. Castigadas en el Granero (8-bit)