Premiere: Jessica Hernandez Shakes a Leg in Video for "Run Too Far"

Music Video Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas
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Last week, we wrote about the announcement of the new album Telephone from Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, the Detroit-based soul/pop band who made their full-length debut back in 2014 with the well-received ear-worm Secret Evil. The album’s concept involves a dual bonus—Telephone will simultaneously be available as Telefono when it releases June 23 via Instant Records, a Spanish language version that reflects Hernandez’ heritage as the daughter of Mexican and Cuban immigrants.

Today, we have the pleasure of premiering a new video for “Run Too Far,” one of the tracks from Telephone/Telefono. It follows Hernandez and a pair of girlfriends, dancers Sydney Shafer and Penelope Gazin, through a series of loose-limbed gyrations in what appears to be a desert setting. Surrounded by the sort of abandoned roadside attractions and ghostly billboards one sees on America’s largely dilapidated state highway systems, the dancers writhe in a series of moves that alternate between robotic and fluidly lithe, while wearing a colorful assortment of thrift store merchandise—we particularly like the way-too-large, David Byrne-esque suit coats.

Says Hernandez of the track:

The “Run Too Far” video basically came about from a weekend trip with girlfriends. I met photographer Kate Hollowell at a cabin in Mexico through friends and we immediately hit it off and started talking about collaborating in some way. I loved her style of photography and she liked the band and so we started talking about how we could take her skills as a fashion photographer and my wacky style and music and make something we were both really proud of. We brought on our friend Hannah Peterson who filmed, Kate directed, and I styled the shoot. The whole video is basically three girlfriends fucking around in the desert and experimenting with things we’ve wanted to experiment with. We of course had the help of Daniel Yoon who edited the video and assisted the shoot, as well as Sydney Shafer and Penelope Gazin who provided their awesome dance moves.

Headline shows in support of the album begin May 21 in Kalamazoo, MI.

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