JPEGMAFIA Presents Dizzying New Video for "Baby I'm Bleeding"

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JPEGMAFIA Presents Dizzying New Video for "Baby I'm Bleeding"

Next year, experimental label Deathbomb Arc celebrates its 20th anniversary and they are kicking off their second decade in the world with a bang. Their first release of 2018 is a brand new album from noise rapper JPEGMAFIA. Entitled Veteran, this labor of love for the Baltimore-based artist was inspired by his time in the Air Force and was the product of a lot of trial and error. According to the folks at Deathbomb Arc, Peggy created around 80 tracks for the new record, but tossed all but a dozen of them aside.

To commemorate this announcement, JPEGMAFIA is offering up a new video for the first release from Veteran: a booming and hyper track called “Baby I’m Bleeding.” The clip is a dizzying one with Peggy dancing around a lot of creepy abandoned spaces with black screens intercutting between frames. It’s like a fit of uncontrollable blinking while a manic marionette gets all up in your grill. Check out the video below and be on the look out for Veteran, which will be released next month.

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