Watch the Lust-Filled Lyric Video for Kyle Craft’s “Heartbreak Junky” and Prepare Yourself for Full Circle Nightmare

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Watch the Lust-Filled Lyric Video for Kyle Craft’s “Heartbreak Junky” and Prepare Yourself for Full Circle Nightmare

Kyle Craft kicks off his new single/lyric video for “Heartbreak Junky” with the presumptive, “So you fell in love / and it wasn’t with me.” All lyrics are written in cursive, as if the video is a diary—as if we’ll ever be able to pin down Craft’s inner stylings. “Divisive, peculiar but undeniably unique: Kyle Craft is a strong contender for outsider of the year,” as Tiffany Daniels wrote in Paste’s review of his 2016 debut album Dolls of Highland. Craft’s forthcoming album Full Circle Nightmare, due out on Feb 2., via Sub Pop, marks the first time he’d gone into a fully equipped studio to record. “I always wanted to go to a legitimate studio and do what my all my old heroes did,” Craft says in a statement.

The lyric video for “Heartbreak Junky” features a wrap-around of an old saloon: old taste, fresh faces, where all the pearly partygoers make intentional, flirtatious movements in slow motion. Once the chorus hits, you’re less preoccupied by whether the lyrics are creepy, and more by the emotion conveyed in the song. “So disenchant me baby / I’ve been dying to know / How to ‘give up get out stay gone,’” Craft sings. You can watch the full, rollicking good time in the player below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the craft of Craft, he has this to say in his Sub Pop bio: “I’m a very off-the-grid sort of person. As much as I am traveling across this giant place sometimes I just feel so outside of it. Also, I’m not necessarily a stand-up citizen so it’s hard for me to say: here’s Kyle Craft’s America, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t wanna do that.”

At this point, Craft has toured the U.S. multiple times, so he’s keeping Kyle Craft’s America to a specific region, pre-album release. His first appearance in support of Full Circle Nightmare will be at the Dinner Party Download’s live event at Seattle’s Moore Theatre on Nov. 16. For more information on tickets, look here. Craft has also scheduled two Pacific Northwest shows—dates are below. You can preorder Full Circle Nightmare here, and revisit our Best of What’s Next write-up on Craft here.

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