Ladytron: Velocifero

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Ladytron: Velocifero

European electroclash foursome creates soundtrack for S&M club

One of the first groups to bring the electroclash movement into the public eye, Ladytron evolved through its first three albums,

substantially developing its sound from the cold detachment of 604 to the smoother, more accessible synth-pop of Witching Hour. Its latest, Velocifero (which shares its name with a brand of Italian scooters) furthers the band’s synth-pop formula, although tracks like “Ghosts” and “I’m Not Scared” easily could’ve appeared on Witching Hour. For Velocifero, the band brought in producer Alessandro Cortini, former touring keyboardist for Nine Inch Nails, along with Vicarious Bliss of electronica label Ed Banger. Cortini’s industrial-rock experience clearly influenced several of Velocifero’s tracks, including its strongest, “Black Cat,” which opens the album with synthetic drum beats that verge into industrial/electro territory and would be right at home playing in the background of a dark, gritty S&M club. Never before has Ladytron sounded so sinister, been so danceable and connected so well with its audience.