Death Cab for Cutie Share Louis the Child Remix of "I Dreamt We Spoke Again"

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Death Cab for Cutie Share Louis the Child Remix of "I Dreamt We Spoke Again"

Remixing the mellowed-out opening track from Death Cab For Cutie’s 2018 album Thank You for Today, genre-bending duo Louis The Child have created a bass-filled take on “I Dreamt We Spoke Again.”

Filled with an 808 clap-back beat and anthemic feel, the remix takes the original and makes it something completely new. Though the original has a more dance-fueled vibe to it than most Death Cab For Cutie songs, the remix is something listeners could expect to hear in a club or at an EDM music festival. Ben Gibbard’s vocals are swelled into the rise and fall of the synths, making for a match made in heaven.

“‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’ began as a very muted, low-key ghost of a song, but ended up being one of the more dance-oriented tracks that this band has attempted—though in a very throwback, nostalgic sense,” Death Cab For Cutie explain in a statement. “So, it was a treat to turn it over to Louis the Child and have them apply all of the bells and whistles of 2019 dance music production to it.”

“This is our new remix of ‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’ by Death Cab for Cutie,” Louis the Child add. “You may listen using your electronic devices and wireless fidelity connection. Volume level 11 recommended.”

Other than Louis The Child, previous artists have also recently remixed Death Cab For Cutie songs from Thank You for Today. Jamaican dance musician Scientist took a swing at “I Dreamt We Spoke Again” as well, while Australian producer Japanese Wallpaper put his spin on the Death Cab For Cutie track “Northern Lights.”

Listen to Louis The Child’s remix of “I Dreamt We Spoke Again” below, along with Scientist and Japanese Wallpaper’s remixes, and check out Death Cab’s 2008 Daytrotter Session further down.