Matt Corby Announces New Album Rainbow Valley, Releases Lead Single

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Matt Corby Announces New Album <i>Rainbow Valley</i>, Releases Lead Single

Two years after releasing his debut full-length in 2016—and being named a Paste Best of What’s Next pick in the same year—Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby has announced his second album, Rainbow Valley.

Rainbow Valley is scheduled for release on Nov. 2 via Elektra Records, and was produced by Dann Hume, engineered by Matthew Neighbour and performed by Corby in its entirety.

“I play and sing every part on the album, again,” said Corby in a statement. “Working like that meant we could really develop ideas quickly—when I want it to feel a certain way, I know five things I can do on six instruments that could potentially create that, and so we just go through them all.”

This allowed for Corby to experiment amid a period of life he characterizes as particularly inspiring.

“When I found out I was going to be a father, it helped me get my head together,” Corby said. “And as part of that, I was able to set aside a lot of weird hang-ups I used to have, personally and selfishly, about making music. So, when it came to writing, I found I could be less stubborn, more open-minded to going in new musical directions.” 

Corby shared the first single from the album, a Willy Wonka-inspired psychedelic titled “No Ordinary Life,” in August. Now, fans can check out “All Fired Up,” another track from the Aussie’s sophomore venture.

Returning to his roots—one man, one instrument—Corby showcases vocals that are arresting not in their overpowering nature, but instead in their understated, soulful expressiveness, originating from some force within that the singer-songwriter has learned to tap into and control with precision. If the singles are anything to go by, fans old and new have something to look forward to with Rainbow Valley.

You can preorder the album here and check out the live video of “All Fired Up,” as well as Corby’s performance in the Paste Studio back in 2016, below.