Missy Elliott Releases Sizzling New Single & Video, "I'm Better"

Music Video Missy Elliott
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Music video icon Missy Elliott has done it again with her sizzling video for the newly released single “I’m Better,” featuring Lamb—watch above to experience it for yourself. In an interview with FACT, Elliott said that the creation of the video came naturally to her after recording the song. “Before even the dancers got in rehearsal, [I knew] what movements I wanted them to do because I didn’t want them to hit every beat of the track. I wanted it to be art,” Elliott said.

The music video for “I’m Better” is certainly artistic, and we want to know absolutely everything about the incredible looks that take the video to another level. From long red feather collars and Chinese-character decked bodysuits to white two-pieces with silver scales, we are consistently floored by the fashions we see here. Keep an eye out for the Missy Elliott documentary to be released later this year—watch the trailer below—and hopefully a new album, as well.