PREMIERE: Listen to Monobloc’s New Single “Where is My Garden”

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PREMIERE: Listen to Monobloc’s New Single “Where is My Garden”

Brooklyn-based quintet Monobloc are searching for Mother Nature in the city with their second-ever released single, “Where Is My Garden.” The alt-rockers have been cutting their teeth in the New York DIY scene and building a good live reputation in the city. Now, they are giving us a taste of their first recorded content. The new single—a follow-up to “I’m Just Trying to Love You” from earlier this year—builds on their analog aesthetics with an earnest charm and poppy, post-punk melodies. “Where Is My Garden” is a nostalgic groover packed with killer hooks and some Springsteen-inspired lyricism about struggling through the materialistic hellscapes of America while being disillusioned by city living.

“We wanted to keep the same methodology as the ‘I’m Just Trying To Love You’ music video,” lead singer Timothy Waldron says. “That is—a minimalistic video capturing the band’s live personality while doing some world-building. Our guitarist, Ben, is a full-time DP and our in-house master of light; therefore, we are able to make the videos ourselves. We rented out a secluded mid-century estate right outside of NYC with a private garden just in bloom and a somewhat alarming collection of woo-woo self-help and Ayn Rand novels cluttering the bookcases…This location was the perfect visual companion for the song visually and thematically without being too on the nose.”

Watch the music video for “Where is My Garden” below.

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