Nasimiyu Shares "secretsecret" ahead of P O T I O N S

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Nasimiyu Shares "secretsecret" ahead of <i>P O T I O N S</i>

One-woman band Nasimiyu released “secretsecret” Tuesday, her latest endeavor in breaking out of a seven-year hiatus from making music. The latest song is her third release of 2021, and comes ahead of her new album P O T I O N S, out May 7 via Figureight Records.

“secretsecret” is an intimate piano ballad accented by ambient synths and otherworldly vocal accents. Nasimyu’s artful musical embellishments lend a helping hand in making the track perfect for her talents as a dancer. The music video finds the artist partnered with fellow dancer Fabricio Seraphin in a home-turned-studio, weaving between rooms as the song progresses.

Nasimyu elaborated on creating the deeply personal song in a statement:

They say, “write the thing you are most afraid to write.” “Secretsecret” was that for me. Recording it wasn’t any easier. I couldn’t even finish a complete vocal take without breaking down into tears. In that way I was definitely thankful to be making this album alone in my apartment and not in a recording studio. My at home setup allowed the bridge between the intimate emotional world and the recording world to be much more fluid. Therefore my healing process was all that much more interwoven throughout every step in the music making process. “Secretsecret” is a portrait of the most naive time in my life, as I was living it. I wrote it in a moment when I had let my hope in a bad relationship get the best of me in a way that pulled me out of touch with reality. This song sums up all of the confusion, self abandonment, and inner contradiction that made up one of the lowest, most heartbreaking periods I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to relive, but there is something liberating about bringing it out into the light. It feels like the cycle of error, pain, learning, growth, and release, is now complete.

Watch the music video for “secretsecret” below. You can preorder P O T I O N S here.