Nation of Language Announce New Album, Release Lead Single “Weak in Your Light”

The band’s third LP, Strange Disciple, arrives September 15 via [PIAS]

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Nation of Language Announce New Album, Release Lead Single “Weak in Your Light”

After hitting the scene in 2020 with Introduction, Presence and then running circles around the rest of synth-pop with their 2021 breakout LP A Way Forward, Brooklyn-based trio Nation of Language—Ian Devaney, Aidan Noell and Alex MacKay—have returned with a new album: Strange Disciple. Categorized as a “fervid collection of songs about hopeless devotion, recommended for long walks through city streets,” Strange Disciple was preceded by the hypnotic, grooved-out “Sole Obsession.”

Now, with a proper announcement out to the world, the band has doubled down on their expansion into post-lockdown dedication and romance. Much like “Sole Obsession,” lead single “Weak in Your Light” is an excellent exploration of passion and agony, properly matching the themes and motivations of affection and closeness that were momentarily lost during the pandemic Strange Disciple was written during.

On “Weak in Your Light,” Devaney’s towering vocals blister through the stratosphere atop a subtle keyboard throb. There’s no climax or hook, only a punchy loop that aches in tandem with the lyrics. “I can feel myself come undone,” Devaney cries out. It’s a subdued re-introduction to the best synth-pop band in the world; the truest rendition of a teaser track, in all of its soothing, unignorable glory.

Listen to “Weak in Your Light” and check out the Strange Disciple album artwork and tracklist below.

Strange Disciple album artwork:

Strange Disciple album tracklist:
Weak In Your Light
Sole Obsession
Surely I Can’t Wait
Swimming in the Shallow Sea
Too Much, Enough
Spare Me the Decision
Stumbling Still
A New Goodbye
I Will Never Learn

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