Watch Neil Young Duet with Jimmy Fallon on “Old Man”

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Watch Neil Young Duet with Jimmy Fallon on “Old Man”

Jimmy Fallon is upping his musical impression game. He revisited one of his favorite roles as Neil Young on “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Tuesday’s show, but this time in front of his most challenging audience yet, Neil Young himself. The skit starts out with Fallon in character as Young—wig, harmonica and all, playing and singing Young’s famed “Old Man”. About halfway through the song Neil joins him and they finish the song as a duet, Young singing with “himself”. With an amusing harmonica ending, the performance is a nice blend of comedy and talent, which just about sums up the “Tonight Show” these days.

The Roots also got in on the action, performing “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?” with the folk singer from his most recent album Storytone. And if that wasn’t enough Neil Young for you, he also gave a short interview with Fallon, where they discussed Fallon’s pretty impressive impression, and Young’s just launched music service, Pono.

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