Nick Waterhouse Releases Retro Leon Bridges Collaboration, "Katchi"

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Nick Waterhouse Releases Retro Leon Bridges Collaboration, "Katchi"

Nick Waterhouse has shared a new track from his forthcoming album Never Twice: “Katchi,” an infectious collaboration with his friend, Grammy-nominated singer Leon Bridges.

The song delivers the blend of the novel and the old-fashioned that we have come to expect from Waterhouse. It opens with “shooby doo-wops” that could have been plucked straight from the ‘50s, and grooves through a standard rhythm-and-blues progression, yet the lyrics feel fresh, revolving around a mysterious phrase, “She give me KATCHI!”

Waterhouse told The FADER that “katchi” is ”[Bridges’] mother’s old Louisiana Indian term for ‘loving touch.’” His family uses it among themselves as a code for “massage.” The track is casually playful, with Bridges and Waterhouse crowing about receiving katchi “all night long.”

Never Twice is scheduled to be released on Sept. 30 via Innovative Leisure. Listen to “Katchi” via Bandcamp below, and beneath that, find the Never Twice tracklist.

Never Twice Tracklist:
1) Its Time
2) I Had Some
3) Straight Love
4) Stanyan Street
5) Old Place
6) Katchi
7) Baby I’m In
8) Tracy
9) Lucky Once
10) L.A. Turnaround