Nikka Costa

Daytrotter Session - Feb 10, 2012

Nikka Costa – Daytrotter Session – Feb 10, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Head First
  3. Nylons In A Rip
  4. Pebble To A Pearl

Nikka Costa just seems like the kind of woman that can take the piss right out of you so quickly that it will make your head spin. She can put the beast of anyone to rest, tucking them into bed, sucking their thumbs and cuddling with a blankie in the other fist. She’ll get you to do whatever it is that she wants out of you and you’ll whimper at her feet, though she’ll get you to do it without your even knowing it. There will never be a feeling of actually having the piss taken out of you. There will be no memory of this. These men, or these women, will feel as if nothing of the kind has ever occurred to them. They’re just the way that they’ve always been and things are dandy. It’s as if she’s some kind of powerful and fiery gypsy woman who is able to use her powers – mostly – for good. She’s able to harness them and turn them into silent weapons. They could just be pheromones or something like that, mystifying anyone who comes within breathing and touching distance.

On her records, she sounds like a real handful, a woman whom you just wouldn’t know what you were going to do with. Not that any relationship is about winning or losing, but you’d likely often wonder about how you could win with her. How are you ever going to feel strong next to her, knowing how much control she will inevitably have over you? She commands attention and respect. She comes off as a woman who’s got a pistol tucked into her bra and you’re going to see it when she seduces you, slowly taking her clothes off. It’s at that point – pistol in sight – and a hot body before you, when Costa will own you in the two most effective ways.

You’ll be some sad state of petrified arousal and there’s nothing that can be done about it. You’re stuck. She’s going to romance you and love you up with her Memphis-y blues and soul tones. She’s that whip that you’re going to admit to enjoying. You’re fond of the crack of it. You’re fond of the short period of time before the burn sets in and then you’re going to relish that hot streak as it pops up on your skin. You’ll always ask her for more of what she’s got, even if you’re sure that she’s going to use it and you to her advantage.

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