Listen to the Disorienting “Let’s Relate” From of Montreal’s Innocence Reaches

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Next week, of Montreal will release Innocence Reaches, their 14th studio album, on Polyvinyl Records.

They’ve already shared the gender conscious “it’s different for girls” and the heart-ripping “My Fair Lady.” Now, they’ve bestowed one more sample of the record before allowing us to gorge on the full psychedelic candy pile next week.

“Let’s Relate” isn’t nearly as sweet as the other two, despite featuring the best groove of them all. Gurgling, yawning synths flash a pulsing dance groove before frontman Kevin Barnes’ voice, normally acrobatic, locks in place like a robotic slab. He voice is heavily gummed into the electronic production, as though he’s literally being swallowed by the music.

Lyrically, the song appears to carry on the gendered themes of “it’s different for girls,” perhaps talking about gender fluidity as a great equalizer between different groups of people.

If anything, “Let’s Relate” indicates that next Friday’s Innocence Reaches will be the same sort of wild, unpredictably weird pop romp we expect from a proper of Montreal record.

Check out the audio for “Let’s Relate” below and find out where the band will head on their forthcoming fall tour here.

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