Oranger - Shutdown the Sun

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Oranger - Shutdown the Sun

A good melody and a winning hook will wear down my cynicism pretty quickly. Maybe that’s why the undiluted nostalgia of Oranger’s psychedelic side doesn’t bother me as much as it might. Still, it’s hard to engage Oranger’s trippy larks without realizing: a) these tunes only exist to assist in pharmaceutical endeavors and b) there are bands, nay, whole genres that accomplish the aforementioned with greater effect (see: Spiritualized and the entire Rave culture). If you buy Oranger’s Shutdown the Sun, some of you will also get, for no extra charge, 34—count ’em—“rare and unreleased” tracks (five of which are apparently the same song) described with only partial irony in the liner notes as if it were 1970 and these were a pristine copy of Dylan’s Basement Tapes.

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