Tim Darcy of Ought Announces Debut Solo Album, Shares Video for First Single

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Tim Darcy of Ought Announces Debut Solo Album, Shares Video for First Single

Tim Darcy, guitarist/vocalist from the Montreal-based rock band Ought, has announced a forthcoming debut solo album, Saturday Night. Working without the rest of the group shouldn’t pose a problem for Darcy, as he’s got plenty of backup in the form of a turtleneck- and blazer-wearing mob of clones, all of whom star in the video he’s shared for the first single, “Tall Glass of Water.”

At the beginning of the Jonny Look-directed video, we’re introduced to two Darcys walking in opposite directions. We follow one into a room with a dozen more Darcys, now played by different actors who copy the original’s movements or engage in symbolic puppet play. This is inner conflict made corporeal, and then given voice in the lyrics: “Is it rain or is it toxic fire? Is it love or is it desire?” and “If you chance it all in one, would you chance it all again?”

Saturday Night will be out Feb. 17 via Jagjaguwar—you can pre-order it here. Watch “Tall Glass of Water” above, read Paste’s 2014 Best of What’s Next feature on Ought here and find the Saturday Night album art and tracklist below.

Saturday Night Tracklist:
1. Tall Glass of Water
2. Joan Pt 1, 2
3. You Felt Comfort
4. Still Waking Up
5. First Final Days
6. Saturday Night
7. Found My Limit
8. Saint Germain
9. What’d You Release?
10. Beyond Me
11. Joan Pt 3 [HIDDEN TRACK]

Saturday Night Album Art:

Tim Darcy Saturday Night Album Art.jpg

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