Paste Session of the Day: Lunar Vacation

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Paste Session of the Day: Lunar Vacation

In 2006, Paste Magazine began capturing video performances of some of our favorite bands and Daytrotter began doing the same with audio. We joined forces five years later, and have since combined to capture 11,545 performances (and counting)—at the Paste Studios in Atlanta and New York; at the Daytrotter Studios in Davenport, Iowa, and Rock Island, Ill.; and at venues across the country and even internationally. We pride ourselves on the quality of these sessions and still can’t believe the range of amazing artists we’ve been able to work with. Every weekday we’ll highlight a favorite session from this deep and ever-growing catalog. Enjoy today’s Paste Session of the Day below!

I first remember stumbling upon Lunar Vacation in my odd obsession with finding new music back in 2017. Their dreamy guitar tones, catchy riffs and Grace Repasky’s voice reeled me in and kept me thoroughly intrigued. During my intense Spotify scavenge, I found the band after listening to the discography of one band and consequently looking at similar artists that fans listened to—bands included Boyscott, Summersalt, Good Morning, Crumb, Sunset Rollercoaster and, of course, Lunar Vacation.

I was reintroduced to Lunar Vacation a couple of years ago by their song “Unlucky,” with the unforgettable hook played by lead guitarist Maggie Geeslin. The song reminded me of my 2016 and 2017 summers, with their stripped-down production and beachy tones. If their music was a color, it’d be yellow—warm, inviting and comforting.

The Atlanta band continues to impress me. Knowing they started the band back in high school, their early releases, Swell and Artificial Flavors, already sounded like they were made by a veteran ensemble, something that takes both talent and hard work.

My favorite song Lunar Vacation performed was “The Basement.” The song is atmospheric and super groovy. I can’t help but want to dance and bop my head. Each member has an intricate part that slots together perfectly. It’s impressive that these songs sound just as good—if not better—live. They call their music “pool-rock,” and that’s a perfect description. Check out their full Paste Session, recorded during SXSW 2019, as well as the individual tracks, below.

Lunar Vacation
Session Date: March 13, 2019
Location: Riverview Bungalow, Austin, Texas
Songs: “Blue Honey” | “Slow Down” | “Daytime” | “The Basement”
Credits: Brad Wagner (video, host), Bob Mallory (audio)

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