Streaming Live from Paste Today: Gracie & Rachel, The Soul Rebels

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Streaming Live from <i>Paste</i> Today: Gracie & Rachel, The Soul Rebels

Your pals in the Paste Studio are safe and sound in New York City this morning, far from the grasp of Tropical Storm Irma, and they’re Facebook Live-streaming a pair of exclusive performances, the way they do. Today’s acts include orchestral-pop piano/violin duo Gracie & Rachel, and New Orleans eight-piece brass ensemble The Soul Rebels.

Here’s today’s schedule, including approximate set times:

- 1 p.m. EDT: Gracie & Rachel @ Paste Studio, Live
- 4:30 p.m. EDT: The Soul Rebels @ Paste Studio, Live

Tune in via Paste Music & Daytrotter’s Facebook page here, keep an eye on our feed for any scheduling updates, and find a Gracie & Rachel performance from the Paste Cloud below.