Radiohead - Com Lag


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Radiohead - Com Lag

Radiohead offered listeners a heap of worthy b-sides while releasing singles for its first few albums. Tasty leftovers like “Bishop’s Robes” and “Talk Show Host” continue to inspire audience frenzy at concerts, rivaling reaction to established hits like “Karma Police” and “The Bends.” So here’s my question: What happened following OK Computer? Recent singles have favored guest remixes and alternate takes, several of which can be found on this new release. Devotees will treasure Com Lag’s non-album tracks, recorded gems among which you’ll find the lo-fi blues of “I Am a Wicked Child” and the acoustic folk of “Gagging Order.” Wrapped in lavishly creepy packaging designed by Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke, this is an appealing but inessential curio. Diehards will have already acquired everything here anyway, barring a live recording of “2+2=5,” via British singles. On a somewhat peculiar side note, Four Tet’s remix of “Skttrbrain” sustained a mastering flaw so pronounced that it scared my kindergartner from the room. Given the steep asking price for this Japanese import, I’d spare your wallet the needless emptying.

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