Radiohead (Sort of) Address Rumored New Album

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Yesterday, news of a new Radiohead album, attributed to their manager, was widely reported. But today, the band is claiming that the revelation’s source is a rubber man from a town full of rubber bands, and it wears them out—or something like that.

In a statement issued today, Radiohead wrote that Brian Message, who was quoted giving details about a new Radiohead album at a London industry event last night, and whom the press referred to as the band’s manager, is “a partner in Courtyard Management but plays no operational role.”

The Guardian quoted Message as saying, in regards to the rumored new album, “There’s nothing out there right now that sounds anything like this. And for some people that will be a good thing and for others that probably won’t.”

In their statement, Radiohead do not directly confirm or deny whether their new album will blow your mind, but they do say, “Any quotes from last night’s event, or any supposition arising from them, should not be attributed to Radiohead’s management or be seen as official quotes on behalf of the group.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed while awaiting some clarity on this. In the meantime, check out Radiohead’s summer tour dates here, plus Paste Cloud audio from the band both here and below.