Rogue Wave - Out of the Shadow

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Rogue Wave - Out of the Shadow

For the latest feel-good hits of the summer, look toward San Francisco indie-poppers Rogue Wave. Although this debut album was originally released in 2003, it’s fair to assume that few have actually heard the captivating Out of the Shadow due to it’s irritating lack of availability. Now that the album is being re-released on Sub Pop, former desoto red, Zach Rogue—armed with his killer singing and songwriting—is sure to be breaking and mending many hearts.

With just a taste of sweet, acoustic guitar nestling up to charming harmonies on tunes like “Be Kind & Remind” and “Kicking the Heart Out,” the grassy fields and green trees will come a-callin’. The album provides many upbeat melodies, going over like Belle & Sebastian and Yo La Tengo. “Endless Shovel” mixes up that bright hippie West Coast vibe, throwing in healthy dashes of poppy delight.

If you’re digging the Death Cab for Cutie sound, but don’t want to deal with the emotional baggage that comes with it, take this album out into the sun with a mojito, and simmer.

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