Watch SASAMI's Paste Studio Session From 1 Year Ago Today

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Watch SASAMI's <i>Paste</i> Studio Session From 1 Year Ago Today

In March of this year, Sasami Ashworth—simply known as SASAMI in the music world—released her moody, beautiful self-titled debut on Domino Records. It’s a stand-up slice of indie rock, full of the introspective songwriting and airy electric guitar that’s so frequently lauded in the genre these days. Ashworth learned her rock chops while part of Cherry Glazerr, and combined with her distinct songwriting style (plus her always entertaining music videos), she brought a much-needed facelift to the singer/songwriter genre in 2019.

We at Paste caught on to SASAMI’s talents early—late last year, to be exact. On this day (Dec. 3) in 2018, Ashworth visited the Paste Studio in New York City to play a few songs from what would eventually become SASAMI. “Free,” “Callous” and “Not The Time” all appear on the record, while “Take Care” shared a split-side single with the aforementioned “Free” in 2018.

Watch the full session below.