School of Seven Bells: Disconnect From Desire

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School of Seven Bells: <i>Disconnect From Desire</i>

Nostalgia done right

The only thing more difficult than telling someone you’re in love with them is telling someone that you used to be in love with them.

On “I L U,” from School of Seven Bells’ sophomore LP, the psychedelic trio does just that, employing crystalline vocals textured with background sighs. The album runs the dream-pop gamut, from dizzyingly energetic to loopy and surreal. Lead track “Windstorm” kicks the album open, winding into the equally charged “Heart is Strange.” But Disconnect From Desire’s lows are just as addicting as its highs. Synths and bells make slower songs like “Joviann” and closer “The Wait” pulse pleasantly, and repeated phrases like “I used to love”—a cornerstone of more than one track—amp up the nostalgia. Each track is a dynamic whirlwind; together, they’re captivating.